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  • Special Course - Excel - Power User

    Course Prerequisites:

    This is an intensive course and is designed for existing users of Excel and assumes that users are familiar with basic formulas and the functions SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE and COUNT. It is also assumed that users have used Excel regularly over a minimum period of 3 months.

    Course content:

    Review of basics

    The Excel Environment

    Entering and Formatting Dates and Values

    IF, DATE and TEXT functions
    Using the IF function
    Nesting IF functions
    Using DATE functions
    Using TEXT function

    Sorting and Querying Data
    Sorting data
    Filtering data
    Advanced filtering

    Workbook Maintenance
    Arranging Workbooks
    Freezing Panes
    Copying Worksheets
    Using Go To Special
    Changing Excel defaults

    Subtotals and Grand totals
    Creating and working with the Subtotal feature

    View and Report Manager
    Creating and using views
    Creating and printing reports

    Workbook Templates
    Creating and using Templates

    Analysing data using charts
    Enhancing charts
    Useful chart tips

    Using names in formulas
    Using Relative and Absolute references
    Selecting Non-Contiguous Areas
    Using SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
    Working with tables and table 'rules'

    Duration - 1 day

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