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    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for experienced users of Microsoft Access.

    It is expected that users have attended the Access Introduction/Intermediate courses or are highly proficient with Access.

    Course content:

    Advanced Data connectivity
    Importing delimited data (tab or comma)
    Adjusting imported data
    Using imported data
    Splitting name fields into separate first & last name

    Enforcing Referential Integrity
    Linking fields
    Cascade updating fields
    Cascade delete records

    Functions in Access
    Choose, Switch

    Database Maintenance
    Database security
    Compacting a database
    Encrypting / Decrypting a database
    Setting Access Options
    Setting Permissions

    Creating and attaching custom menus

    Using flow diagrams
    Grouping macros
    Creating re-usable objects
    Editing a macro

    Mail merge with Word

    Calculated fields in queries

    Calculations with dates
    Text handling in queries
    Left, Right & Mid functions
    Advanced forms
    Form with sub-form created manually
    Child & parent Fields
    Multiple page forms
    Combo box that looks up a value

    Advanced reports

    Manually adding sub-reports
    Charts on reports
    Unbound controls


    Start Up Options


    Group permissions

    Duration - 1 day

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