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  • PowerPoint

    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for new users of Microsoft PowerPoint and assumes no previous experience.

    It is expected that users have attended the Microsoft Windows basic course or are proficient with Windows, the mouse and have a basic keyboard understanding.

    Course content:

    Introduction and getting Help
    Opening, saving and closing presentations
    Opening an existing presentation
    Saving and Closing a presentation

    Changing presentation setup
    Working with slides
    Adding and Deleting slides
    Change a slide layout

    Adding and Manipulating text on a slide
    Adding text in the title and text placeholder
    Adding text outside text placeholders
    Adding date, time and page numbers

    Manipulating text and paragraphs
    Moving and Editing text and paragraphs
    Change the text font and Alignment
    Bulleted text, Line spacing and changing Case

    Indents, tabs and margins
    Working with Indents and Tabs

    Selecting and moving objects

    Editing object attributes
    Change line options, shade, pattern, colour

    Manipulating objects
    Cutting, copying and pasting
    Clearing, Duplicating, Changing shape
    Scaling, Rotate/flip an object
    Grouping and Aligning objects

    Adding items to a graph

    Formatting a graph
    Moving and sizing graph items
    Formatting the graph and plot area

    Adding Organisation Charts

    Adding tables

    Using the Slide Sorter
    Moving, Deleting and Copying slides

    Using Outline view
    Selecting in Outline view
    Promoting/Demoting paragraphs
    Text from word processors

    Using notes pages

    Working with Templates and Masters
    Applying a template
    Customising a master

    Changing colour and background

    Working with clip art and pictures
    Adding clip art
    Replacing a clip art image in a presentation

    Using proofing tools
    Spell checking a presentation
    Find and replace

    Concepts of slide masters
    Viewing slide masters

    Using slide show
    Change the transition
    Hiding slides
    Printing a presentation

    Duration - 1 day

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