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  • Excel - Intermediate I

    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for existing (usually self taught) users of Microsoft Excel.

    It assumes that delegates have used Excel for a while and have built simple spreadsheets but had little experience with formulas and would like to prepare for the Intermediate II course.

    It is assumed that delegates are familiar with the following:

    The Excel Environment
    Cell Address and Formula Bar
    Sheet Tabs
    The Active Cell
    Row and Column Headings
    Multiple Page Dialog Boxes

    Creating a New Workbook
    Inserting a New Sheet
    Deleting a Sheet
    Moving and Renaming sheets

    File Handling
    Saving a Workbook
    Opening an Existing Workbook
    Closing Workbooks

    Entering and Formatting text
    Text Entry and Alignment
    Changing Font and Attributes

    Print Preview
    Formatting a sheet for printing

    Working with Ranges
    Selecting cells - using Mouse or Keyboard
    Selecting a Column/Row

    Excel Tools
    Spell Check

    Moving In a Worksheet
    Positioning with the Mouse/ Keyboard

    Course content:

    Entering and Formatting Dates and Values
    Entering Formulae
    Creating a basic Formula
    Editing a Cell
    Using Relative and Absolute references
    Using brackets in formulas

    Using Excel Functions

    Specifying Header and Footers
    Printing options

    Working with Ranges
    Selecting Non-Contiguous Areas

    Formatting a WorkSheet
    Column width and Best Fit
    Row Height
    Using AutoFormat and Format Painter
    Borders And Shading

    Copying and Moving Cells
    Cut/ Copy and Paste
    Moving/Copying cells using the Mouse
    Inserting Rows and Columns

    Excel Tools
    Basic Sorting of Data
    Getting Help

    Duration - 1day

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