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  • Word Advanced

    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for users who are experienced with Microsoft Word and either attended the Introduction and Intermediate courses or worked extensively with Word.

    It is expected that all users are highly proficient with a mouse, the keyboard and Microsoft Windows.

    Course content:

    Naming Styles
    Creating a new Style
    Adding a Style to a Template
    Deleting a Style
    Other Style options
    Applying Styles
    Modifying a Style
    Printing the Style list
    Style Gallery
    Organising Styles

    Creating an Outline
    Promoting and Demoting Headings
    Creating Body Text in Outlining
    Collapsing and Expanding Headings
    Selecting and moving Outline Levels
    Printing in Outline View
    Heading Numbering

    Creating a Table of Contents
    Generating a Table of Contents
    Working with Table of Content levels

    Recording a Macro
    Playing back a Macro
    Assigning a Macro to the keyboard
    Assigning a Macro to the Toolbar
    Assigning a Macro to a Template
    Assigning a Macro to the Menu Bar
    Deleting Macros assigned to the Toolbar, Menu Bar or Keyboard

    Introduction to Word 'Fields'
    Inserting a Field
    Introduction to the 'fill-in' Field
    Adding a 'fill-in' Field to a document
    Viewing Field codes in a document
    Introduction to Automating Fields

    Advanced Graphics
    Inserting an image from another source
    Editing Graphics
    Re-sizing and cropping images
    Editing a Picture

    Using a Word Template
    Creating a Template
    Setting styles in Templates
    Inserting AutoText into the Template

    Duration - 1 day

    Note: - Topics in italics may not be covered - this is subject to the levels of delegates attending each course.

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