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  • Word Intermediate I

    Course Prerequisites:

    It is expected that users have reached a competent basic level in Word and are proficient with Windows, the mouse and have a basic keyboard understanding.

    Course content:

    File Handling
    Using Save As
    Concept of Templates

    Selecting, Deleting And Inserting Text
    Selecting text using the mouse
    Selecting text using the keyboard

    Text Formatting
    Changing text attributes
    Using the Format / Font option
    Changing the defaults

    Paragraph Formatting
    Text alignment Indenting text
    Line spacing

    Word Tools
    Spell checking
    Creating AUTOTEXT
    Using UNDO

    Setting Tabs using the ruler
    Using the 'Tabs' option from the Format menu
    Using 'Leader' Tabs

    Moving And Copying
    Cut - moving text using the Clipboard
    Copy - copying text using the Clipboard
    Moving text - 'Drag and Drop'
    Copying text using the mouse
    Moving and copying between documents

    Page Set-up
    Changing the paper size and orientation
    Changing the margins in a document
    Changing the margins using the Ruler

    Printing - using the print button
    Printing - using the print command
    Printing selected pages
    Print Preview

    Introduction to Tables
    Creating a table
    Adjusting column widths
    Formatting a table

    Using keyboard shortcuts
    Navigation in documents

    Selecting Help
    Using search
    Exiting Help

    Basic introduction to adding graphics
    Size, move and delete pictures
    Using WordArt

    Duration - 1 day

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