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  • Project - Intermediate

    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for existing users of Microsoft Project and assumes that the basic course has been attended and that users have used Project to create basic projects.

    Course content:

    Using The PERT Chart
    Switching to the PERT chart
    Creating tasks
    Amending tasks
    Linking tasks
    Unlinking tasks
    Deleting tasks
    Moving tasks
    Viewing the whole Project
    Moving around the PERT chart
    Inserting task information
    Customising the PERT chart
    Changing the information displayed in the task nodes
    Changing the format of nodes
    Printing the Pert Chart
    Using Calendar View
    Switching to Calendar view
    Inserting tasks
    Linking tasks
    Deleting tasks
    Viewing tasks for a specific day
    Viewing the project
    Viewing a project month by month
    Entering recurring tasks
    Review of resource driven v fixed duration tasks
    Resource driven scheduling
    Fixed Duration scheduling
    Using resources with multiple projects
    Creating a resource template
    Using the resource template with a new project
    Avoiding Resource Assignment Conflicts
    Using Resource Levelling
    Changing the priority of tasks
    Levelling resources

    Formatting a Project
    Inserting headers, footers and legends
    Page breaks
    Removing a page break
    Removing all page breaks within a project
    Changing the timescale
    Changing the bar colours
    Formatting text
    Format painter
    Task Constraints
    Setting a constraint
    Entering lag time between tasks
    Entering lead time between tasks
    Entering a task dependency
    Using other views
    Entering work done using the mouse
    Entering work done using the tracking toolbar
    Entering overtime
    Monitoring The Project
    Viewing the critical path
    Using a filter to view the critical path
    Using the Gantt chart to view the critical path
    Monitoring slack time
    Using filters
    Assigning fixed costs
    Problem Solving
    Controlling costs
    Scheduling conflicts

    Duration - 1 day

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