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  • Project - Introduction

    Course Prerequisites:

    This course has been designed for new users of Microsoft Project and assumes no previous experience with Microsoft Project. Delegates however must be aware of project planning theory as this course covers only the use of Microsoft Project in a project.

    It is expected that users have attended the Microsoft Windows basic course or are proficient with Windows, the mouse and have a basic keyboard understanding.

    Course content:

    Project Planning
    Create a project plan
    Set up a project
    Enter and organize a task list
    How project tasks are scheduled
    Schedule and relate tasks
    Assign resources
    Enter costs
    View a schedule and its details
    Adjust a schedule
    Save a plan Track and manage progress
    The Project 2000 Window
    Start Project 2000
    Project 2000 window components - Toolbars, Scroll bars, Views, Status bar, Close, Minimise and Maximise buttons
    Using Help
    Answer wizard
    Office Assistant
    Office Assistant options
    Calendar view
    Network diagram
    Combination views
    Set up a Project
    Project start and finish dates
    Project information
    Set up the project calendar
    New calendars
    File properties
    Saving a project
    Entering Tasks
    Task name
    Task duration
    Task information
    Recurring tasks
    Split tasks
    Formatting the task sheet
    Editing the task sheet
    Add a note in task sheet view

    Task Relationships
    Linking tasks
    Unlink tasks
    Outlining Tasks
    Demote a task
    Promote a task
    Viewing an outline
    Resources defined
    Create a resource list
    Material resources restrictions
    Formatting the resource sheet
    Add a note in resource sheet view
    Resource information dialogue
    Resource Name Form
    Care with resource names
    Assign calendars to resources
    Assign Resources to Tasks
    Assign a resource
    Remove a resource allocation
    Replace a resource allocation
    Assign a resource to a summary task
    Resource driven scheduling
    Viewing resource allocation,
    Proofing and Printing
    Spell check
    Printing reports
    Ready made reports
    Zoom in and out of a view
    Page Setup
    Print Preview
    Page breaks
    Print a report


    Duration - 2 days

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